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Did you know? 95% of people who lose weight, gain it right back again. Why? They focus on the same questions, goals, reasons and practices that caused weight gain in the first place.

Getting your mindset right is key to eliminating the weight and keeping it off. A solid mindset will help you answer questions about what you truly need when you binge, understand why you want to lose weight, break the habits that so strongly return and determine if a fear of not being loved is central to your challenge.

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Meet Your Host

Mordechai Wiener

Mordechai Wiener

Mordechai Wiener is a weight loss and health advocate who knows what it’s like to struggle with the feeling of being out of control around food. He’s known this struggle ever since the age of eight. When he was 26, and living a wildly successful business life, he hit rock bottom. The self-esteem he felt in business simply did not translate into his personal life. He weighed more than 330 pounds, and despite all the things he had going for him, he felt like a failure.

Years of experience had taught him that dieting was not the solution. It only left his body feeling like a yo-yo. In his desperation, he came upon an epiphany: He had to love himself in order to get healthy. This was not only the moment that started his weight loss journey, but it is also the moment that he discovered his passion to empower others. Now, more 130 pounds lighter and having sold his business, he is on a mission to help others gain control over their relationship with food.